Why You Need Title Insurance with John Rider of Chicago Title

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At the Ottawa Real Estate Forum as part of the forum series, John Rider joins the podcast in this episode. He is the Senior Vice President of Retail and Commercial Title Insurance at Chicago Title. After seven years as a lawyer, John decided it was time for a change and jumped into real estate. .

With title insurance being somewhat new to the Canadian market, John provides an easy-to-understand definition of what exactly it is. He talks about situations where title insurance has been particularly useful and how it can protect against various types of real estate fraud.

Topics covered include:

  • An explanation of title insurance.
  • How lawyers approached real estate transactions before title insurance existed in Canada.
  • Innovative forms of fraud originating from the US.
  • Title insurance for lenders versus title insurance for landowners.
  • Why title insurance is relatively inexpensive.
  • Proving that clients have a valid mortgage to defend a property.
  • Testimonials that Chicago Title has received.
  • How Chicago Title differentiates against other title insurance companies.
  • The usefulness of property surveys.
  • Speeding up the closing process with title insurance.
  • Post-policy fraud coverage offered by Chicago Title and its pricing structure.

This episode of Commercial Real Estate Podcast powered by First National was recorded live at the Ottawa Real Estate Forum as part of our Forum Series.

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More about our guest: 

Leader of the Title Division – Retail and Commercial for Chicago Title – John manages the Canadian national team made up of the best title insurance professionals anywhere in operations, commercial and residential title insurance sales, claims and underwriting. Motivating, challenging, pushing, promoting, inspiring, selling, fostering, John sees everyone on the team as part of the overall customer experience and works to make “Making our Clients a Success”, the mantra of everyone on the team.

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