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Online marketing is one of the most important parts of any marketing strategy today and websites form an integral aspect of online marketing. Websites are an excellent way to showcase your business online. An informative, well designed website is therefore a necessity. Customer, suppliers and even investors form an opinion of the company based on the web presence and website.

A user friendly, informative, uncluttered and a pleasant website will attract hundreds of targeted audience that will ultimately make a positive difference to your profit margins. A couple of points listed below will help you with a great web design for favorable listing on the search engines.

Pay special attention to the title of the page when designing the web site. The title should be relevant to the website and should be able to clearly and completely represent the site. The tag itself should be able to reflect the gist of your business and the website in a precise form. Keywords should be used in the title for best results on the search engine.

Keywords should not be concentrated for META tags only. The overall content of the page is as important today. Therefore, the key word should be equally divided through the site to catch the attention of the customers. Remember to mention the name of your company through out the site. Bunching of keywords at any specific part of the page just does not work for search engines.

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