There are thousands of homes on the market right now and your job is to make yours stand out from the rest! The time you take to stage your home will put money right into your pocket, sooner rather than later. Your listing Broker may be too kind to sit you down and tell you that the clutter in your home will stop potential buyers in their tracks. Their job is to share with you how to make your home as marketable as possible, but that might not happen. So take the bull by the horns and start examining your home from the outside and inside to see what impression your ‘stuff’ makes on lookers.

Start on the outside of your home to check your curb appeal. Are the shrubs and trees in good health? Is the lawn dead in spots or all over? Flowers draw the eye to your home in a good way. Are there any plantings with color to brighten the yard? Are cobwebs hanging from the siding or under the eaves?

You can paint the front door a new color to spiff up the looks as well. If your paint is peeling or missing you must repaint immediately to impress drive-by prospects enough to add you to their list of must-sees.

As you enter your front door, are the floors in good condition? Is the carpet in need of cleaning or replacement? Take a critical look at the wall colors also. Neutral colors are a blank pallette for the new owners to decorate with their own belongings. Make sure all light bulbs are working. Clean your windows and screens so they look like new. Go to the discount store and buy as many plastic bins as needed to eliminate clutter and excessive furniture. Get a mini storage space to store your things, keeping your garage looking like a garage used for parking. Pack up the family photos and nick-nacks standing on your shelves. Pretend that you are preparing for a photo shoot for Better Homes and Gardens and do your best to fit that criteria. If you have questions about what you need to take out, ask your Broker for his/her advice. Asking those questions will get answers, unsolicited advice is sometimes not forthcoming.

Your home should be in condition every day to show to prospective buyers. Clean your home like never before, every inch will be scrutinized. When you leave for work, act like you have been notified of a showing that day. You could get a call from your Broker when you’re not at home wanting to show your home in 30 minutes and you’re still at work. There’s not time then to hide your underwear or dirty dishes, so get ready daily for showings.

Keep your lawn mowed and watered to the max while you’re listed. Be prepared to be listed long term in this market, you have to know it will take longer than usual to market your home. Cooperate with your Broker for Open Houses on the weekends, as this marketing tool will help you sell your home sooner.

Keep fresh fruit and fresh flowers in your home if possible and eliminate any cooking odors immediately. Stage a guest room bed with a tray set with coffee cup and newspaper as if you had a guest and they were being served. Lay a fire in your fireplace and start it if you are showing in the fall or winter to emote cozy, cozy, cozy in your home. Use light fragrance to keep your home fresh smelling. These marketing tricks are bound to help you sell your home easier. Good luck to you!

Source by Cathy Maestas

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