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“Across the Lower Mainland and throughout BC, the overall housing market has generally stabilized in value,” said BC Assessment Assessor Bryan Murao. “Most homeowners can expect only modest changes in the range of -5% to +5%. These assessment changes are notably less than previous years.

“Commercial and industrial properties are generally increasing in value at a higher rate than residential, especially in areas such as the Fraser Valley where properties are up in value as a result of limited industrial land.”

BC Assessment reported that cumulative assessments have grown from approximately $1.94 trillion in the preceding year to nearly $2 trillion in the 2024 evaluation. Notably, $27.2 billion of the gain stemmed from new constructions, subdivisions, and property rezoning.

BC Assessment said that interested parties seeking in-depth exploration of 2024 assessments, property details, and prevailing trends can access the assessor’s comprehensive resource at

“Property owners can find valuable information on our website including answers to many assessment-related questions,” Murao said. “Those who feel that their property assessment does not reflect market value as of July 1, 2023, or see incorrect information on their notice, should contact BC Assessment as indicated on their notice as soon as possible in January.

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