What’s a ‘must’ in the ever-evolving mortgage industry?


“The most challenging part of my career was right out of the gate in starting Mortgage Magnates,” Baker said. “There were a lot of fly-by-night learning companies that entered and exited the industry and I was told this would never work. The toughest part was teaching the industry that we mean what we say when we live by our ‘Brokers Helping Brokers’ slogan. It’s not just a slogan; it’s a way of life.”

Baker said that initial, albeit understandable, skepticism towards the concept was one of the major roadblocks.

“’How will this put food on my table?’, ‘There must be a catch.’ ‘You’ll say it for a while and next thing you know I’ll find myself in your $700 three-day course taught by some sales guru who has never sold, let alone maybe even had, a life insurance policy.’ Proving that it’s a mission to help brokers and all mortgage professionals … was tough, but nearly three years in, I think the industry is starting to see we mean it,” Baker said. “We live and breathe it, and I think that is why so many lenders and industry partners are joining us, hosting channels of their own. They truly want to help in the mission.”

BHBTV’s commitment towards its users and partners alike helped it gain valuable ground, Baker said.

“We only grow if you do. If the content we provide on BHBTV doesn’t hit the mark and is more fluff than business-altering, then we aren’t doing our job,” Baker said. “So we specialize in lifelong learning, in particular from peers who have actually experienced success. We pride ourselves in either creating or finding the industry’s best and most informative content that will actually influence your success.”


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