What Qualities Are Important to Canadians in a Real Estate Agent?

A great real estate agent can make your house-hunting experience much less stressful and confusing, lending you their expertise as well as a listening ear. But how does one identify a good agent? In this article, we will discuss the key characteristics Canadians look for in a real estate agent today.

Market and Industry Knowledge

A great real estate agent has a solid grasp of what is happening in the real estate industry, such as trends in home buyer preferences, regulatory changes, and new financing options. Because most homebuyers want to be part of a community, real estate agents must have in-depth knowledge of specific neighbourhoods and communities within the larger areas they cover.

Technology and Communication Skills

Today’s home buyers are accustomed to having a constant stream of information at their fingertips. They expect their real estate agent to supply the information relevant to their home purchase to them in a timely manner. A good agent is on top of matters that affect their home purchase or sale, is adept at filtering and summarizing the incoming information, and sends it to the client as soon as possible. The most effective real estate agents today are multi-platform, multi-channel communicators.

An Eye for Possibilities

Home buyers are looking for spaces that meet multiple needs and adapt to changing lifestyles. A great agent can identify houses that could suit them perfectly, even if they don’t initially check all the buyer’s boxes. Real estate agents can use their experience, imagination, and familiarity with emerging communities to show their clients the potential in homes they might otherwise have passed over.

Personalized Service

Clients prefer real estate agents they can connect with. An agent should have excellent listening skills so that they can learn about their clients and what they are really looking for in a home. What sort of lifestyle do they want to have? What are they hoping to use the home for, now and in the future? What are their biggest fears in buying a house? Understanding their clients makes it easier to identify their needs, as well as their hopes and dreams. By employing empathy and adapting to the changes in each home-buying journey, an agent can help any client secure their vision for the future.

Honesty and Transparency

Access to information is unprecedented in today’s real estate market. That can only be a positive for people who are looking for a home or planning to sell, but this proliferation of information can also be overwhelming. Can the client afford to buy in this market? Will house prices go down? What about that new development near the proposed train station—will the train station be built, and when will they break ground on the development? A real estate agent who can synthesize all this current and forecast information and communicate it with honesty and transparency is an invaluable resource to home buyers. Buyers want to know what’s really in their price range, whether they should move quickly on a particular home if their offer on a home is realistic, and how far out of the city center they will need to look to find a home they can afford. Home buyers today are savvy and will quickly be able to discern if their agent has their clients’ long-term best interests at heart.


Home buyers appreciate knowing who their agent is as a person. Many people have two selves: the online one they present to the world and the “in real life” (IRL) one they are around friends and trusted others. Homebuyers want to work with an IRL person, someone they can relate to and who understands their needs and wishes on a deeper level.

Decision-Making Support  

Buying a home is confusing and stressful. Because it’s the largest purchase most people will ever make, the stakes are incredibly high, and the costs of making a wrong decision are even higher. Today’s buyers want an agent who understands their state of mind and can calmly guide them through the process, offering support while respecting their clients’ individuality and agency.

Choosing a Real Estate Agent

If you’re in the market for a new home or looking to sell your home, ReMax agents are ready to help. With the solid advice you expect from seasoned professionals who maintain a close watch on industry trends and the empathy and honesty homebuyers appreciate, we will find you the perfect home for you and your family. Our agents consistently rank among Canada’s best; you can rely on us to help you through the home-buying process so that you emerge feeling confident about your new home and your future there. Contact us today to connect with one of our outstanding team members.

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