What is Home Staging? Is It Worth It?

So, you’ve decided to sell your home. No matter what your reasons are for moving, such a big change can be overwhelming. It can seem daunting with everything you need to know. Don’t worry, you’ve come to the right place. Selling your home can be emotional, which is why it helps to have an expert guide you through the process. Your RE/MAX agent has the expertise you need to make it easier to move on, and help you get the best price for your home, and offering guidance on things like home staging. So, what is home staging anyway? Here’s everything you need to know.

What is Home Staging?

If you think it means putting on an off-Broadway production in your living room, you’re wrong – but you’ve come to the right place to get the right answer! To put it simply, home staging is a way of presenting your home for sale in a way that helps prospective homebuyers to imagine themselves living there. The process usually includes:

1. Depersonalizing your space

Even if you’re really proud of your Taekwondo trophy (as you should be!), if it’s on your mantelpiece you should pack it away, along with family photos. (Yes, even the ones of the dog.)

2. Decluttering

Though you may not see it, you probably have years’ worth of items on display such as that coffee table book on origami, your favourite collection of spoons, K-Pop memorabilia, mementos and well, stuff that can be packed away. You may see it as taking away the home’s personality but it’s actually taking away your personality, which allows buyers to see a blank slate that they can put their own personal stamp (or stamp collection) on. Try to think of it as less to pack on moving day. This is the objective of home staging.

3. Redecorating

Changing out stained or worn furniture, painting, reorganizing, decorating can help buyers see the value of your home. Worn out items can distract buyers from looking at the space. This is where a professional home stager is very helpful.

You real estate agent can also advise you on which renovations might help get the best ROI.

Who Pays for Home Staging?

The seller typically covers the cost, with the idea that they will recoup the cost (and then some!) in a higher sale price. According to the National Association of Realtors® a survey by the International Association of Home Staging Professionals revealed staged homes (with an investment of one per cent of the listed price) sell up to 30 per cent faster on average for 20 per cent more. These are the key benefits of home staging. Hmmm… suddenly, it doesn’t seem as sad to put away that picture of Grandma on your nightstand!

How Much Does Home Staging Cost?

This all depends on the degree of staging required. An older home may need some more intensive updates, such as painting, replacing hardware and light fixtures, or renting new furniture for a period of time. On the other hand, a home that is relatively new and/or updated may only require some simple depersonalizing and decluttering, which costs nothing. In terms of the home staging service, if the seller engages a professional stager then they’ll incur a service fee, which differs by stager. If the seller takes a DIY approach, it’ll just cost them some time and sweat equity.

Ready, Set, Move!

When you’re ready to sell your home, consider staging it and consult your RE/MAX agent for advice on how you can potentially sell it faster and for a higher price. Have more questions? RE/MAX has the answers you need. Get more expert home staging tips here.

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