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Join Ben Oosterveld on his exclusive Real Estate Reboot Cross Canada Tour. Drawing from his exceptional journey of building a real estate investment company encompassing 61 properties across four cities and leading a top-tier real estate team to multi-million-dollar success, Ben is on a mission to revolutionize your business and life.


Why Ben’s approach is a game-changer


  • Personalized strategies: Uncover your unique professional identity and unlock your true desires. Ben’s approach goes beyond the basics — it’s about crafting a career that resonates with who you are.
  • Life beyond sales: Learn to build a sustainable business model that thrives without constant oversight. Say goodbye to burnout and hello to balance.
  • Real results, real freedom: Discover the joy of a thriving business that allows you to take vacations, spend quality time with family and enjoy life to its fullest — all while your business flourishes.


Experience the transformation across 7 cities in 6 months


Starting in Calgary (Jan. 30) and Edmonton (Feb. 1), this tour is more than just a series of talks. It’s a roadmap to transforming your business and life.


Who will benefit most?


If you find yourself overworked, struggling to scale up or feeling stuck in the perpetual cycle of sales without growth, this tour is your key to change. It’s tailor-made for agents who are:

  • Overwhelmed with solo handling of their business
  • Lacking efficient systems and team support
  • Missing out on life’s joys due to constant work demands
  • Yearning for a breakthrough in their stagnant career trajectory


Here’s what you’ll gain


  • A blueprint for success: Learn the exact systems and frameworks that propelled Ben’s business and many others to remarkable heights.
  • Sustainable growth: Master the art of scaling your business, building a competent team and delegating effectively to ensure continuous growth without burnout.
  • Actionable insights: Leave with a clear plan and the confidence to implement changes that will redefine your professional and personal life.


This isn’t just another seminar. It’s a life-altering experience.


Embrace the opportunity to transform your real estate career and life. Join us for a day of insightful learning, inspiring stories and practical solutions.


Seats are limited — secure your spot now!


Visit to book your ticket and embark on a journey to success and fulfillment in real estate.


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