Toronto Real Estate Forum 2021 with Peter Altobelli of Yardi

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Today, Peter Altobelli is with us again to do a recap of the 2021 Toronto Real Estate Forum. Peter is the Vice President of Yardi’s Canadian operations, having been involved with the company for about 35 years. Yardi is the largest software provider of real estate technology worldwide.

Some time has passed between the forum taking place and getting together to discuss it, so we hear about the guys’ thoughts back then compared to now. Peter explains what he sees happening with return to work, and we hear about how quickly technology is advancing real estate.

Topics covered include:

  • The sentiment of interest rates at the forum versus when this episode was recorded a couple of months later.
  • Impacts that increased interest rates will have this year.
  • Why apartments will continue their great performance.
  • The supply and demand of apartments not being close to equilibrium.
  • Office vacancy rates now compared to the early 90s.
  • Why Peter thinks companies will start creating flexible office spaces.
  • The new annual record of commercial real estate transactions in 2021.
  • Reasons why some investors will accept lower returns.
  • Building for affordable rates versus market rates.
  • ESG and the desire for more responsible investments.
  • Why Canadian real estate companies are at a tipping point regarding technology.
  • Five big areas of tech disruption happening in real estate.
  • Deploying IOT (internet of things) to improve viewings.
  • How artificial intelligence is already revolutionizing communication.
  • Bold predictions from Aaron, Adam, and Peter for 2022.

More about our guest….

Peter Altobelli is Vice President of Sales and General Manager for Yardi Canada Ltd. Yardi develops industry-leading property and investment management software for all real estate asset classes.

Peter has worked in the technology industry for more than 30 years, with a foundation in software development for the healthcare sector in the 1980s. His first role involved transforming existing software for an outpatient clinic scheduling system and introducing innovative PC technology for what has now become Hamilton Health Sciences.

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