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Prospecting and cold calling can feel daunting to a new agent or broker. It takes discipline and hard work to learn the number of dials it takes to schedule a live interaction. However, some people take sales too far and push far too hard.

Common prospecting mistakes involve these three things:

1) Following up too many times by phone 

After hearing “this isn’t a good time” from Mr./Ms. Prospect, realtors and brokers decide to call back too soon and try again. In addition, phrases like, “did you get my message?” “did you get the property list?” and “do you want to talk for a few minutes?”; all happen too soon when the prospect doesn’t reply to your attempts.

2) Too much communication

Bombarding prospects with emails and texts is a big no-no – especially if you haven’t even had the first conversation. Few people will open an email attachment if they don’t know the sender, nor will they read a five-paragraph email. Less is more. Keep your written communication short. Ask for the zoom appointment, live call or face-to-face coffee.

3) Not enough communication

On the opposite side of the prospecting spectrum, many people avoid sales activities because of the possibility of rejection. It takes thick skin to be able to hear the word no repeatedly. But you can do it! Stay focused on the numbers, message, and solutions to the problems you are

trying to solve for the prospect. Always make people feel important, worthy and content. Relationships take work and time to build.

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