There is that awkward moment when your realtor is fumbling with the lock box to get the key, and you (the buyer) are patiently waiting and subconsciously creating an image of the home you are about to see. Could this be the one? Such anticipation!

This holding pen outside the front door is a golden opportunity for a savvy seller to set the stage for the buyers tour of their home. That front door area is where first impressions start, and it truly creates the tone for the rest of the home tour. Just three simple steps can make your front door set the wow tone for potential buyers: Clean, Update and Stage!


Update: Now that you can see everything, does anything need updated or repaired?

Stage: Now you have your clean canvas to work with. Look at your front door objectively.

Now that you have that wow front door, remember to check on it periodically to water the flowers and keep it swept.

I would be remiss if I did not take this subject to the next step. What happens once they walk inside your home? Keep up the momentum and stage the inside of your home too! A professional stager has the objective ability to see your home as a buyer would see it, and make resourceful, yet meaningful changes to how your home is presented.

Source by Susan Jensen

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