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Courtney Cooper is welcomed back to the podcast in this REF Club episode. She is the Principal at Alate Partners and Co-Founder of Proptech Collective. Courtney recently helped produce the Proptech Canada Report, which she’ll be discussing today.

We begin by hearing about the cities with the most robust proptech innovation in Canada, and why there is one surprising absentee from the list. Courtney explains types of businesses that have benefitted and suffered from the COVID-19 pandemic and shares her outlook on the current proptech scene.

Topics covered include:

  • Startups in the commercial space versus the residential space.
  • Canada’s growing tech scene.
  • Why the term “proptech” is not defined in the report.
  • Companies falling under both technology and real estate categories.
  • Alate’s involvement with proptech.
  • COVID-19 and how it has affected the careers that people pursue.
  • The most important aspect in making a proptech company succeed.
  • How Proptech Collective started last year.
  • Innovation that has happened and will continue to evolve due to the pandemic.
  • Examples of business types that lost steam during the pandemic.
  • The returns an investor can expect in the proptech space.
  • Where investment money is flowing from and to.
  • Reasons why we should all be excited about technology in real estate.

More about our guest…..

Courtney is a principal at Alate Partners. In this role, she helps identify and scale promising real estate technology companies, provides market analysis and due diligence, and manages relationships with industry partners.

Courtney has spent nearly 10 years in real estate technology and operations. Prior to joining Alate, she led innovation and business transformation initiatives at Dream and Great-West Life. Courtney is a board observer at Arrive, Lane, Branch, and Eden as well as the co-founder of the Proptech Collective.

Courtney takes a human-centred approach, developed through her graduate studies in Strategic Foresight and Innovation at OCAD University. She holds a B.S. in Business Administration with a specialty in Operations from Georgetown University.

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2021 Proptech in Canada Report:

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