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The Mortgage Office is a loan origination software that offers loan servicing solution that is aimed at companies both large and small. Within a single suite, Mortgage Office provides loan tracking, payment processing, workflow automation, document storage, and reporting functionalities.  

Available both in on-premises and cloud-based forms, the product caters to a variety of businesses, including banks, loan servicers, private lenders, credit unions, hard-money lenders, note servicers, cities, and municipalities. One of Mortgage Office’s key features is loan tracking, allowing you to track loan advances, charges, and interests, as well as assign multiple funding sources for loans and send automated emails for borrower statements and bills.  

Additional features offered through Mortgage Office include adjustable-rate mortgage (ARM) tools and QuickBooks integration and complies with the Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act (RESPA). Not only can you automatically report data, but you can prepare accounting reports like accounts payable, bank reconciliation, and accounts receivable.  

The Mortgage Office offers flexible and intuitive loan management software that will help you streamline and automate your daily workflow. To achieve this, the Mortgage Office offers three key features, which include: 

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