‘The missing middle:’ How Toronto became the biggest housing bubble in the world

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Recently, the Swiss investment bank UBS named Toronto as the number one real estate housing bubble in the world — not only above Vancouver, but also above London, Paris, San Francisco, New York, Tokyo, Hong Kong, and so on.

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This week’s Down to Business takes a brief look at what happened to put Canada’s biggest city at the bottom of the housing affordability barrel.

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Naama Blonder, co-founder of the urban planning and architecture firm Smart Density, offers her perspective on what’s wrong with the city’s housing system, starting with her own experience hunting for a three-bedroom condo.

Blonder sees housing as primarily a supply issue, and talks often about ‘the missing middle’ — which is to say Toronto build houses, where a single family may live, and it builds gigantic skyscrapers, but it doesn’t construct many new four- to six-level multi unit buildings. She talked about why this is and why it may be too late.

As always, this interview is edited for clarity and brevity.

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