Real estate agents for the Ringwood/ Melbourne area knows that it is not easy getting a home off the market whether you are a buyer or a seller. Staging a home is very important to the sale of a home because it can make the difference it the property sitting on the market for three weeks or sitting on the market for three months. When it comes to real estate, the whole world is hurting for money and homes are the only asset that many people have or want. That is why agents uses all the latest social networking as well as traditional methods to sell homes. Twitter, Facebook and BP Alert have given purchasing and selling homes a new outlook. In any regard, here is how staging a home can also help you sell your home quicker.

Visions of Home

When you leave a piece of furniture in the home being rented or sold, even if it is a rented piece of furniture, you are giving every potential buyer the vision of what it could look like at home. By placing realistic sized furniture in the home, you are giving them a chance to measure their own furniture mentally with the furniture that you have placed there. It makes it easier for them to see how their own belongings are going to it into the room instead of looking at an empty space, which always looks bigger with nothing in it.

Homey Smells

Any time you have an open house, it is suggested that you bake an apple pie or warm a plate of chocolate chip cookies in the oven. This will fill the home with a warm, inviting smell that will make people feel comfortable to be there. When a potential buyer walks into a space that smells like cleaning supplies and paint, it makes it look like you may be trying to hide something. Warm smells like baked goods make them think of their own home, which can often spur the thought of wanting your house to be their home.

Covering Flaws

Although your dog Rover may have dug a hole under the fence to escape, you do not need to disclose that information to a potential buyer. They are going to latch on to any flaw that you tell them as means to lower the price or not buy the home altogether. If it is something like a hole under the fence, cover it with some planted flowers. Unless it is something major like a chunk of the wall missing, there is a simple solution for most everything.

Light Colours

When it comes time to paint the inside of the home, use lighter, neutral colours so that the rooms look bigger. You may have had a beautiful plum coloured wall in the dining room, but leaving it that colour could turn off a buyer because it is not their choice. Painting rooms neutral colours so that every room could match any d├ęcor is the best option. The lighter the colours that you choose for each room, the bigger it is also going to look. Try to avoid white and use an off white instead to avoid the institutional look.


Source by Sachin Kumar Airan

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