The 2020 Office Tenant Survey with Wendy Waters of GWL Realty Advisors

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In partnership with the Real Estate Forum, Wendy Waters is back for her fourth appearance on the podcast. She is Vice President, Research Services & Strategy at GWL Realty Advisors, and will be bringing us through the 2020 Canadian Office Tenant Preference Survey.

With survey answers being heavily influenced by the COVID-19, Wendy analyzes each category and theorizes why participants answered the way they did. Aaron and Adam have a slew of questions, as office tenancy is the big question heading into a post-pandemic world.

Topics covered include:

  • Building features that tenants want.
  • The possibility of managing uneven flows of workers post-COVID.
  • Daytime amenities versus nighttime amenities.
  • Connectivity in office buildings.
  • How cybersecurity has become more challenging in the past year.
  • Tenant satisfaction with the buildings they work in.
  • Information on who responded to the survey.
  • The accelerated trend of working from home.
  • Sentiment towards office setups and layouts during the pandemic.
  • Other aspects of the workplace that are affected by working from home.
  • What percentage of tenants believe that green initiatives are important.
  • Methods of commuting to work and how the pandemic has influenced them.
  • Examples of green campaigns in office buildings.
  • The number of workers that receive online shopping packages at the office.
  • What happens when there are amenities available that tenants are unaware of.
  • Wendy’s anticipation of vacancy rates.

More about our guest….

Wendy Waters is a multidisciplinary researcher, writer and real estate investment strategist. Her unique background allows her to blend research methodologies from economics, demography, anthropology, history, finance and marketing into strategic analysis to support superior real estate decision making. Top-down, bottom-up, macro and micro perspectives further round out the approach that distinguishes her work within the industry. She currently leads the Research Services & Strategy team at GWL Realty Advisors.

GWL Realty Advisors is one of Canada’s leading real estate investment advisors, providing comprehensive asset management, property management, and specialized real estate services to pension funds and institutional clients.

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