Tech innovations are the lifeblood of the modern brokerage, exec says

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“We’re particularly interested in technologies that are going to move the needle in areas that our agents have expressed are important to them. Things like generating more business, engaging existing clients, staying top of mind with partners, referral sources – these are all priorities.”

In Tango’s case, it supplements these with collaborations with third-party providers, giving the tech-focused brokerage sufficient elbow room to focus on what it’s good at.

“Ease of information, we’d love to see it on the broker side, too,” said Henneberry. “The heaviest part of the job is working through documentation.” 

And while tech appears to be advancing at a near-unmatchable pace, the mortgage professional will remain front and centre so long as human-to-human transactions are needed.

“I don’t personally believe that we are at risk in any material way” from things like artificial intelligence, Henneberry said. “A mortgage is a complicated thing… Homeowners want good-quality advice, and they want to know the people behind them are helping them make the right decisions. As long as that remains true, there’s going to be a place for mortgage brokers who can rise to the occasion.”

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