Soon to be revealed – the top alt lending trends

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The growing number of business-for-self borrowers, she said, has been especially noteworthy. “So many people are trying to make ends meet. They might have a full-time salaried job and then are now picking up a side hustle and are self-employed doing something,” she explained, “so [we’ll] just kind of briefly touch on how we consider business-for-self stated income because it is very different than the prime side.”

With some of the most renowned alternative lending executives in Canada featuring on the panel, Alli said it represented a good opportunity for the speakers to learn from each other as well as imparting their views to attendees.

A chance for agents and brokers to hear from leading mortgage lenders

Brokers and agents in attendance, meanwhile, will be keen to hear some of the main things they should be keeping top of mind in lenders’ eyes about the current market – and for Alli, it starts with clear and continuous communication.

“Use your account managers, your BDMs,” she said. “They are the professionals in the industry and they’re here to help. Their job is to help brokers grow their business.

“So if they can be of service in any way right now that just goes beyond their business, whether it be having them present to their realtor partners or lawyer partners or things like that – I think everybody’s willing to just assist and provide service wherever applicable right now.”

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