Too hot for you to get out there and do some summer gardening? Well, if you’re selling your home you’d best be prepared to get out there and liven up your landscaping. In summer’s hot and competitive market, buyers are expecting yards to be parading their “best in bloom” colors, and showing off all their assets. So, slap on that sunscreen and get in gear to optimize your homes final sale price. Here are some quick and easy tips, to get you revved up for potential buyers:

Stage Your Garden and Yard

It’s very important to create some usable, practical entertaining spaces out of your existing yard and garden. This need not be too elaborate of an addition. It can be as simple as setting up a table and a set of comfortable chairs in the corner of your back yard. Stage the table with a nice linen or cotton table cloth: something airy and summery. Set up some colorful potted plants or flowers around the table to add some appealing color.

Another idea might be to buy, or build a bench that takes advantage of a particular view or a nice spot amongst your garden.

Water features are enticing elements and if you can “spring” for a well-placed fountain on your deck or in your garden, you’d be wise to do so. The sound of water generally evokes a calming emotion and can serve to drain out any unwanted neighborhood sounds.

Be sure to keep your lawn and foliage amply watered. You’ll want all green things to look as green as possible. Also, the wetness will bring down the air temperature for a cooling effect.

Flower Power

Plant bright colored red and yellow flowers to catch a buyer’s attention. Use them as punctuation to accent around other more mono-chrome or green areas of your yard. Likewise, if you live in a very warm climate white flowers can be nice and add a refreshing cooling effect.

Green is Gold

Adding lush green foliage is a great way to spruce up empty space that is currently unused. An easy way to add beautiful green, tropical flair to your landscaping is to add hanging ferns

Prep the Deck

A deck is a great outdoor feature and should be highlighted. Again, with the trend for outdoor “rooms” you should make sure your deck is as appealing and comfortable as the inside of your home. Watch for cracks on structural timbers. Check the deck’s surface and remove any old nail heads or screws that are sticking out- replace them with galvanized decking screws. Once your deck is structurally sound- give it a power wash or re-stain it if it’s thirsty! Next, you can create some staged space out there- maybe a canvas gazebo to provide some shade, and some potted tree and colored flowers for visual flair and appeal. Be creative and have fun.

Leave No Stone Un-turned

A general rule of thumb, is to make sure all of your outdoor space has been attended to in some way. Oftentimes an area can come to life and be much improved with a simple organizing or clean-up job.

Source by Lisa A Gray

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