Self Storage with Stefan Kulas of SmartStop

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Today we’re talking everything self storage. As managing director with SmartStop Asset Management, Stefan Kulas is responsible for growing their Canadian self storage portfolio through acquisitions, expansions, redevelopments, and new developments.

In addition to gaining insight into how SmartStop conducts it’s business, you’ll also learn about the self storage business as a whole, including metrics used for developing facilities, customer demographics, and the future of self storage.

Topics covered include:

  • Why SmartStop is bullish on the GTA as a market for self storage.
  • Metrics considered when developing or acquiring self storage facilities.
  • How self storage facilities are designed to target the ideal customer base for a particular area.
  • What is luxury storage?
  • SmartStop’s approach to the self storage business in terms of operations, staffing levels, customer service, etc.
  • Their growth plan in the coming years.
  • The future of self-storage.

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A bit about our guest…

Stefan is the Managing Director for SmartStop Asset Management, LLC and is leading the growth of the existing Canadian self storage portfolio. Stefan is responsible for the acquisition of existing self storage facilities as well as the development of new sites to expand the company’s platform across Canada.

Though the company is based in California, Stefan is headquartered in Mississauga, Ontario, where he was born and raised.

SmartStop is a diversified real estate company focused on self storage assets, along with student and senior housing. The company has approximately $1.5 billion of real estate assets under management, including 111 self storage facilities located throughout the United States and Toronto, Canada, comprised of approximately 70,000 units and 8.1 million rentable square feet.


Stefan Kulas: LinkedIn

SmartStop Asset Management: website

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