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When you buy a home in Riverdale, don’t look for a kitchen. With so many delicious and inexpensive restaurants nearby, cooking at home will soon lose its appeal.

Riverdale has a cuisine to accommodate every palate. Whether you prefer a rowdy steakhouse or fine Italian dining, a slice of New York pizza or Kosher Chinese, you’ll never go hungry in this neighborhood.

Yankees and Mets fans agree that Bronx Ale House is a tasty place to watch the game. They smoke their own meat and brew their own beer, and you get free popcorn to boot. Everybody wins at this town staple.

If you keep Kosher but still crave a steaming dish of beef and broccoli, take a guilt-free trip to Ginger Grill, Riverdale’s Kosher Asian Steakhouse. You can order matzoh ball soup or miso, and choose from an entire menu of kosher dishes.

No New Yorker can say no to pizza, so luckily Riverdale has a few spots to get your fix. Pizza Chef is a local favorite, loved for its huge slices and small prices. Sam’s Pizza is another hot slice that comes out of the oven fast and fresh.

For upscale Italian, go to Beccofino’s on Mosholu Avenue. It’s a cozy spot with large portions considered to be the best Italian in Riverdale.

After you’ve sampled food from around the world, catch an all-American meal at Greentree. It’s been run by the same family for twenty years, and the recipes have yet to get old.

Located along the Hudson River, Riverdale is one of the most beautiful neighborhoods you’ll find in the city, and it is also an exciting and safe place to go out. Home to Manhattan College and some of New York City’s more elite high schools, Riverdale has a pulsating bar scene where revelers young and old can take part in the action. Along Broadway the nightlife varies from casual sports bars airing the games to upscale dance clubs pumping the beats.

Locals like to brag about Riverdale’s finer steakhouses, including favorites like Jake’s on Broadway, and Riverdale Steakhouse on Riverdale Avenue. For all-night fare, you can stop by the Short Stop Diner, a neighborhood staple located at Broadway and 242nd Street. There are plenty of good Italian and Japanese restaurants in the area, and the growing population of Orthodox Jews has led to an influx of Kosher restaurants, as well.

Beer aficionados won’t want to miss the Pipers Kilt Restaurant on 231st Street and Albany, where you’ll find cheap wings, rich beers, and on weekends, unlimited drinks when you order one of their famous burgers.

While Riverdale has always been upscale, recent years have brought more building along the Henry Hudson Parkway, resulting in more high-rise apartments and exclusivity in the area.

Shoppers will enjoy strolling along Riverdale and Johnson Avenues and taking a mid-day reprieve at the Wave Hill public gardens. Walk a few steps to Riverdale Park, and you’ve got the best view of the Hudson.


Source by Joe G. Green

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