Reels for Realtors: 5 trending reels for March

Houses for sale in Ottawa

How to make it

Step 1: Tap here to view the Reel on Instagram.

Step 2: Tap the trending sound, then “use audio” to get started.

Step 3: Either leave the video without text, like this one, or add simple text in the centre of your video. You can do something like, “Pour a cup in your dream home”, or “Just listed in your area”.

Step 4: Tap “next”, then input your caption — keep it short and sweet with a clear CTA.

Step 5: Select “edit cover” to either add your own cover or select a moment in the video you’d like to use as the cover image.

Step 6: Scroll down and tag your location so the algorithm shows your content to people interacting with content in the same area.

Step 7: Hit “share”.

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