You might have gotten wind of stories about government housing assistance programs available to people who would like to purchase foreclosed homes for sale. One of the bigger stories would be the Neighborhood Stabilization Program, a government initiative that provides financial assistance that can go into buyers’ down payment for foreclosed homes.

What’s the Story

If you would like to purchase foreclosed homes for sale, you can ask your real estate broker and agent about the Neighborhood Stabilization Program of NSP. This program is available across all the states but in targeted locations where foreclosures are high. This grant is not exclusive to low-income buyers but can be availed by buyers across the economic spectrum. The program is operated in different ways depending on the community implementing it. Some provide outright grants to be applied to the buyer’s down payment while others are applied to the interest on home loans.

The goal of the NSP is to stimulate the purchase of foreclosed homes. Your real estate broker or agent can tell you if NSP is being offered in the place where the home you want to buy is located. They will also have knowledge on how to apply for this particular grant. The NSP does have a web site and information on the grants will be in the site’s resources section. The actual grants web page will have updates on the program. You can see the type of grants being offered in various communities.

If the NSP site seems a little bit too technical for you another option is doing a search using the keywords neighborhood stabilization program plus the state county or city where you want to buy foreclosed homes for sale. If the program is being offered in the location you searched, you should be able to see the amount of the grant and how you can apply for it.


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