RealREIT 2021 with Peter Altobelli of Yardi

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Today we’re talking about the top 5 key takeaways from the recently held RealREIT Conference. To help Aaron and Adam as he often does, Peter Altobelli from Yardi is back on the show.

Of course, the main theme of the takeaways is the pandemic and how returning to some kind of normalcy will affect the real estate market. We’ll hear about what tenants are demanding more now than before COVID-19, and which type of real estate is the hottest.

Topics covered include:

  • Stats about the REIT market in Canada.
  • The outlook of the market in Q4 2021.
  • #1: Uncertainties around the Canadian economy.
  • Decreasing cases of the delta COVID-19 variant around the world.
  • Relying on immigration to get back to normalcy in real estate.
  • Inflation, what has caused it, and how debt inhibits interest rates to rise.
  • Fear and uncertainty that still exists in the marketplace.
  • #2: Investors cannot afford to ignore climate change any longer.
  • Organizations that are taking steps towards net zero emissions.
  • More and more people requiring green features in their buildings.
  • #3: Office demand is tied to returning to work.
  • When it’s looking like many companies will head back to the office.
  • Realizing that offices will need to make changes.
  • #4: Health and wellness features being demanded by office tenants.
  • WELL building standards and the number of tenants following them.
  • #5: Demand for industrial.
  • Reasons why this trend of demand will continue over the next few years.
  • The possibility that some buyers might pay too much for land.

More about our guest….

Peter Altobelli is Vice President of Sales and General Manager for Yardi Canada Ltd. Yardi develops industry-leading property and investment management software for all real estate asset classes.

Peter has worked in the technology industry for more than 30 years, with a foundation in software development for the healthcare sector in the 1980s. His first role involved transforming existing software for an outpatient clinic scheduling system and introducing innovative PC technology for what has now become Hamilton Health Sciences.

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