Radius EVP on 25 years of achievement in the mortgage space

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The vision that Casciato shares for Radius with Haditaghi and Swift is as a boutique-type lender servicing the best of the best in Canada’s mortgage broker community, developing crucial relationships and driving repeat business.

That’s a goal that arose out of a strong appreciation for the value brokers provide in the mortgage market, one that the company only expects to grow in the coming years.

“I think brokers play a key role in educating the consumer in regards to products that are available across many different lenders – from banks to smaller, more independent lenders,” Casciato said.

“The education they provide is really important, as well as giving consumers access to a broader range of products that they may not necessarily have if that consumer only has a single bank lender relationship.”

As any good executive will tell you, achieving a solid work-life balance is essential to a successful and rewarding career in the industry – and Casciato, a family man who’s happily married with three children, has made sure to keep that a priority.


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