Looking for a second home in Mexico? How about Puerto Vallarta? A city with great views and old world charm! We will tell you why and how to buy Real Estate.

Puerto Vallarta is one of a kind tourist destination in Mexico. It was not a planned development like Playa del Carmen and because of this it offers something unique to its lovers.

Puerto Vallarta is famous for its miles long golden beaches, breathtaking sunsets, fantastic views of Sierra Madre hills, tropical forests, waterfalls and marine wildlife. Quite a handful, eh?

When it comes to natural beauty, it seems that Vallarta is creator’s special child. It has almost everything a nature lover can ask for? No wonder, thousands of tourists come to Puerto Vallarta for its natural beauty.

But if you thought, that just has natural beauty to enchant you then you cannot be more wrong. We also offers world class 5 star resorts, shopping and best in the world restaurants to satisfy even the most discerning traveler.

Vallarta also has numerous art museums and galleries. Vallarta is home to many international artists who find inspiration from the cities beauty. Art museums and galleries showcase Mexico’s rich indigenous art and culture as well works by many significant artists.

All this has made Puerto Vallarta such desirable city to live in. Property prices in Puerto Vallarta have been increasing steadily over the last few years which indicate a strong demand. Realty executives offers villas, condos in planned developments to old style homes in inner city. The choices are wide to cater to any tastes.

Condos in planned developments comes with every conceivable facilities and amenities like swimming pools, gyms, clubs, sauna, Jacuzzi, restaurants, lawn tennis courts, CCTV and security. All condos have excellent communication facilities such as telephone and hi-speed internet. The condos have been specially designed and developed to suit the requirements of investors from USA and Canada who need all the amenities they are accustomed to back home.

While buying real estate make sure to hire services of an experienced, knowledgeable and multi-lingual real estate agent who can guide you through all the complex process involved in buying a property oversees. Law governing property purchase for foreigners in Mexico is different so you have to be sure that you are complying all formalities and there is no one better to guide you than a genuine real estate company.

Also, a good real estate agent will be able to showcase you a large inventory of properties specific to your requirements and budgets.

Visit Puerto Vallarta once and conduct a due diligence. Meet several real estate agents and find out which ones will work with your interests in mind. Take a stock of all factors and you will be assured of a slice of heaven in Puerto Vallarta!


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