Part 1 with Frank Magliocco of PwC

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Today’s topic is the Emerging Trends in Real Estate 2020 report put out by PwC and ULI. To guide us through this report we welcome back Frank Magliocco, a Partner at PwC who also analyzed last year’s trend report on this very podcast.

Frank discusses some of the key points from the report, such as technology, affordability, and the changing workplace. Aaron and Adam add in their thoughts as to why these trends are happening. Look out for part two when Frank will return to talk about specific cities, the money supply, and the best investment in 2020.

Topics covered include:

  • Customer Centricity in real estate
  • The process of collecting data for this report.
  • A prediction from a few years ago that was proven true.
  • How customers are reshaping the real estate industry.
  • Changing the workplace to be more fun and accommodating.
  • The emergence of co-living.
  • Real estate’s adoption of technology through proptech.
  • Robotic automation in other industries and how it can affect real estate.
  • Blockchain applications.
  • The growing awareness of cybersecurity as a risk.
  • Balancing efficiency with risk.
  • Affordability’s continuing prominence as an issue.
  • Average tax rates for new houses and condos.
  • Stress tests for builders.
  • The problem of talent not being able to afford to live in large cities.

Download the full report.

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