Pandemic Proof Investments with Derek Lobo of SVN Rock Advisors

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We are welcoming back Derek Lobo for his third appearance in today’s episode. He is the Broker of Record at SVN Rock Advisors, having expertise in managing apartments and apartment construction.

Derek gets into the coronavirus pandemic and explains in detail why apartments have been such a resilient asset class. He shares his thoughts on building apartments to attract target demographic and talks about some challenges and victories his company has had during this unprecedented year.

Topics covered include:

  • Four reasons why the apartment space has been solid in Canada.
  • Tenants re-evaluating what they want to pay.
  • How landlords are managing the situation.
  • The speeding up of apartment development.
  • Solving the affordability problem.
  • Building to sell versus building to keep.
  • The lack of pain points in the apartment space compared to other asset classes.
  • Designing buildings based on the tenant you want to attract.
  • Examining tenants and relying on data.
  • Transparency that has occurred between competitors during the pandemic.
  • Challenges that Derek has seen in his own company.
  • Advice that Derek has for young people.

A bit about our guest….

Derek Lobo is the CEO and Broker of Record at SVN Rock Advisors. He is regarded as a knowledgeable expert in the Student Housing Field and in the Apartment Industry and has provided numerous seminars and training programs for every level of apartment professional, ranging from owners and property managers to leasing agents and on-site personnel. His extensive knowledge of the industry has placed him as an in-demand presenter and consultant throughout North America.

Email: Derek.Lobo [at]

Derek Lobo: LinkedIn

Derek’s first appearance on the CRE Podcast

Derek’s second appearance on the CRE Podcast


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