Many people live in small houses or small apartments, sometimes as a lifestyle choice and other times due to housing affordability and personal life circumstances.

Most people do appreciate the feeling of space, whilst it may not be feasible to extend your home or move to a bigger house, there are some simple and affordable options to help create the feeling of space and to make the most of out of your exiting home.

Home painting techniques can help you make small space look bigger. While not actually creating more space, changing a room appearance to feel bigger can make a big difference. The ceiling can be made to appear taller than what it actually is, to give you that feeling of having more space.

One simple and affordable way to make your house or a room feel larger is selecting the right color scheme and using colors that help create that feeling of space.

Professional painters and decorators usually recommend using lighter colors to achieve the feeling of space. Shades of whites, cream and even lighter blues for example make a room look brighter and more open.

Paint window frames and door frames using a lighter color than the walls. When using lighter colors on window and doors frames, this creates the illusion that the walls are receding and are further away.

Use the same color for the walls and ceiling. By using the same color on the ceiling, walls appear taller once again creating the feeling of space.

Whilst it is recommended to use lighter colors, like shades of white, to make a room looks bigger, many people feel using lighter colors may be too sterile or somewhat boring. You can still create some exiting color effects and bring the room back to life by using more dominant colors such as reds, greens, purples when decorating the room. Use more vibrant colors in your artwork and decoration to create small focal points and bring the room to life.

Whether you are going to do the painting yourself or use professional house painters make sure you get the right advice in selecting the right color scheme. Mention to your painter or at the painting shop that you would like to make the room look bigger. Also mention at the shop or show the painter the colors of your furniture and other larger items in the room like electrical appliances etc.

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