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Nestled in central Connecticut six miles southwest of Hartford, Newington is a pleasant suburb within close proximity to major metropolitan areas. Situated between the Farmington River Valley and the Connecticut River Valley it consists mostly of residential areas. The combination of Newington’s quiet neighborhoods together with its strategic location next to major commercial centers makes Newington one of Connecticut’s best cities for your home and family.

“Newington” means “New town in the meadow” and was named by the General Assembly in 1721. The Town seal has a waterfall as its central image, reflecting the importance of the Mill Pond waterfall in the town’s history celebrated each fall during the Waterfall Festival.

Mill Pond Falls is located below the Mill Pond that powered a saw mill built in the 1860s in Mill Pond Park. There’s a walking path that leads around the pond through the woods to the falls, and the wooden footbridge that spans the falls.

You can hike, fish, bike and swim in the Mill Pond Park pool. The beautifully landscaped grounds and garden near the falls makes it a popular location for weddings and other community events.

Another example of the community’s commitment to open space is the 61-acre Eddy Farm, located at the intersection of Willard Avenue and Cedar Street near the town’s center. The Eddy Farm has been an operating farm since the early 1700’s, producing crops of corn, strawberries, fruit and hay. The farm is adjacent to other open space in Newington’s center and helps shape the quite open character of the community.

For years Newington was a stopping point for stage coaches halfway between New York (95 miles) and Boston (99 miles). Today, Newington has transformed itself from a farming community to a quite but strategically located suburb of Hartford.

Charming neighborhoods feature traditional single-family homes, eye-catching apartment complexes and an assortment of condominium communities. The Berlin Turnpike and town center are Newington’s shopping areas.

The city of Newington maintains more than a dozen public facilities and the parks and recreation department sponsors programs for all ages. Mill Pond Park is a center of many outdoor activities including a baseball field, soccer fields, tennis courts, full accessible playground, outdoor pool, basketball park, ice-skating, football field, a fishing pond for seniors and children, as well as a man-made waterfall.

The Joseph P. Doyle Senior and Disabled Center provides services for Newington’s active senior population.

The combination of Newington’s commitment to open space together with its pleasant neighborhoods strategically located to major metropolitan centers makes Newington one of Connecticut’s best cities for your home and family.


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