New BoC webpage to detail government CMB purchases

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New BoC webpage to detail government CMB purchases | Canadian Mortgage Professional

It’s now accessible online

New BoC webpage to detail government CMB purchases

The Bank of Canada (BoC) has unveiled a new online resource detailing the Government of Canada’s engagement with Canada Mortgage Bonds (CMBs). This dedicated webpage is set to offer insights into the government’s upcoming purchases of CMBs.

The move aims to enhance transparency around the government’s involvement in the CMB market. For those keeping an eye on Canada’s financial moves, the webpage will be a valuable resource for up-to-date information on purchase trades and strategic holdings.

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In a statement that underscores the government’s commitment to supporting the housing finance market, it was announced that for the year 2024, the Government of Canada has set a goal to acquire 50% of fixed-rate CMB primary issuances. This strategy reflects the government’s ongoing efforts to maintain stability and promote accessibility in the nation’s housing finance sector.

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