Navigating Success in Commercial Real Estate with Michael Broccolini of Broccolini

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In this engaging episode of the CRE podcast, hosts Aaron Cameron and Adam Powadiuk welcome a prominent figure in the real estate industry, Michael Broccolini, President, and CIO of Broccolini. The conversation delves into the rich history of Broccolini, their significant role in large industrial projects, notable partnerships with Amazon, and a keen focus on development with a targeted net return of 20% or higher. This insightful discussion spans various facets of the Canadian commercial real estate market, providing valuable insights into opportunities and challenges faced by industry professionals.

Topics Covered Include:

  •  Broccolini’s Legacy and Evolution
  •  Industrial Project Involvement and Amazon Partnerships
  •  Development Focus and Financial Goals
  •  Canadian Industrial Market Insights
  •  Challenges in the Real Estate Market
  •  Optimism for the Future

More about our guest:

Michael Broccolini, President/CIO of Broccolini. Guiding the family legacy, Michael steers Broccolini’s evolution from residential to commercial and industrial sectors, raising over $2 billion in capital. Renowned for pivotal roles in large industrial projects and partnerships with Amazon, Michael’s strategic focus on development, aiming for a net return of 20% or higher, positions him as a visionary leader in the dynamic.

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