Who among us does not know someone … family, friends, co-workers, etc. … that is struggling with making that monthly mortgage payment … or making just the minimum payments on their credit card debt every month?

The mortgage crisis, the housing market, gas prices … our short term economic forecast is not good.

Could you personally use some extra income to make life a little easier?

How about doing something that can not only create income for today, but residual income for tomorrow and beyond?

Maybe you have heard about the Money Merge Account(TM) from United First Financial … and maybe you have not.

Maybe you dismissed it as one of those “simply too good to be true” things.

I have to admit that I almost dismissed it as such when I was first introduced to it by my wife.

I took the time to do my research, attended a live presentation, and immediately was grabbed by the potential to not only create additional income for ourselves, but to do it by being part of something that truly helps people overcome the BURDEN of debt and the impact that has on their lives.

Debt IS a burden that most, if not all, of us struggle with at some points in our lives.

Be part of something that can help … and something that you can be PROUD of.

Many people have looked at this opportunity to become an Independent Agent with United First Financial and not fully understood the potential.

Here are a few simple facts about becoming an Independent Agent:

* There is a one-time fee of $175 to become an agent. This covers administrative costs, online training including a mandatory certification exam, and an agent welcome kit. This is payable directly to United First Financial and does not benefit the Independent Agent you choose to sign up under.

* There is NO annual renewal fee.

* There are NO recurring charges or monthly fees.

* NO inventory to maintain or “auto-shipping” status.

* NO minimum monthly or yearly sales requirements.

* NO territory restrictions – you are free to market in all 50 States … and now Canada as well.

* Make your $175 investment cost in your business back with just ONE sale.

* Work the opportunity part-time or full-time … it is always YOUR choice.

* No need to change jobs or businesses to get involved, unless your income with the opportunity reaches the point where you truly become “job optional”.

JOB OPTIONAL – what does that mean?

It simply means that the potential does exist with this opportunity … because of the way it is structured … to create multiple streams of income … and replace the “needed” income of your current job.

Certainly do NOT take my word for it though … there is A LOT of information out there … including some unbelievable success stories from current agents AND clients …

United First Financial started with a test group of 400 homeowners in the Denver, Colorado area a little over 2 years ago. 96% of those homeowners are still enrolled in the program … saving themselves 10s to 100s of thousands of dollars in front loaded mortgage interest.

Since then … United First Financial has gone on to garner National recognition in several industry publications such as Broker Banker, Mortgage Planner, True Wealth, and Real Estate Investor.

The founders of United First Financial were just awarded the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur Of The Year award for best financial services in the Utah region in 2008.

I specifically recommend reading the True Wealth magazine coverage of the company and the opportunity. Some of the agent success stories about how they incorporated this opportunity into their existing businesses and realized their dreams of spending more time with their families are truly inspiring.

In summary … this truly is an opportunity that you have to see and hear about … for yourself … to truly grasp the outstanding potential to change your financial life for the better … while being a part of something you can be proud of … and truly helping others get out of debt.

This IS an outstanding opportunity to create and own your own business as an Independent Agent, but as with everything … the potential is what YOU make of it.

Do YOU believe in YOU??

Source by Raymond Birdsell

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