If your military relocation means a posting to or from Victoria BC, and you need to buy or sell your home in a timely manner, you need to enlist the help of a professional realtor. Preferably one who understands the local Victoria real estate market and the specific requirements of military personnel.

Military Relocation to Victoria

Have you been posted to CFB Esquimalt? If you are relocating to the Greater Victoria area and need to find a home, you might be concerned about what you’ve heard about the Victoria real estate market. Generally, housing values in Victoria are fairly high, but the Greater Victoria area encompasses several communities and you will find that housing is available at various price points.

A knowledgeable realtor will be familiar with local conditions and mindful of your need to locate and purchase the right home in a relatively short time period. The service of a realtor experienced with helping military families is invaluable.

One advantage of military relocation is that military people, over time, become expert at the art of moving and all its related tasks. Also, the Canadian military provides much support and information for people who are being relocated, so if you haven’t yet experienced a military move, there are resources you can utilize to ensure that your transfer is achieved efficiently and nothing is forgotten.

These resources include:

The Canadian Forces Housing Agency (CHFA) – the managing authority for DND housing. The CHFA is responsible for operating, maintaining and allocating roughly 14,000 Residential Housing Units at 32 sites across Canada.

Canadian Forces Integrated Relocation Program represents the Treasury Board Secretariat’s approved policy for CF members on relocation of their Dependants, Household Goods and Effects.

The Lookout Newspaper is a weekly paper providing local and navy news to those posted to CFB Esquimalt.

Housing Services Centre (HSC) Esquimalt – responsible for housing in Esquimalt, located on beautiful Vancouver Island, 4 kilometres from downtown Victoria.

The Esquimalt Military Family Resource Centre, whose mission is: To provide programs and services that serve, involve and advocate for the military community and their families, and which address the unique challenges of the military family lifestyle and will result in an enhanced quality of life.

Military Relocation from Victoria

If the time has come for you to leave CFB Esquimalt for a new posting, you may need to sell your home quickly, so that you can begin a home search in your new community. An experienced realtor who has worked with military families understands this, and can also supply referrals to real estate professionals wherever you are relocating to.

Military Retirement?

Perhaps you are retiring from the military, and have a different set of requirements. It could be time to find that perfect home for your apres military life. If you’ve been in the military it’s likely that you’ve travelled and experienced life in other parts of Canada and further abroad. So you probably know that living in Victoria is about as good as it gets!

The temperate climate, access to recreation and entertainment, and opportunities for education and employment in Victoria combine to make this city one of the most desirable places to live in Canada.

Whether you have been posted to Victoria, from Victoria, or are about to retire from the military, you should use the services of a professional realtor who is an approved supplier for the military and a member of the Canadian Employee Relocation Counceil. These realtors understand military relocation and can provide the type of efficient service and the information that you need when moving to a new community.

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