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Some agents are phenomenal in listing appointments, while others often feel anxious, lack confidence and talk way more than they likely ever set out to. This makes it so easy for an agent to allow themselves to get attached to the outcome of winning a listing.

Here’s a simple example: you wake up one day and think, “Oh great, I’ve got a listing presentation today. I hope I get the listing!” And, fair enough, that is an exciting opportunity. 


Don’t dominate or talk-and-tell


However, what can actually happen is that you end up focusing your approach on getting the listing, which means the resulting conversation can become a bit of a talk-and-tell.

You might not even realize how much you dominate the dialogue and potentially sound very similar to other agents who take more of a “selling and convincing” type of approach by talking up all the features of what they can do and why they should be chosen to list the property. 


Turn the conversation around


So, here’s a different approach you can try that serves to free you of any compulsion to dominate these types of conversations. It’s essentially a simple solution: try turning the conversation around!

After all, it’s not all about you. Let’s be realistic here, how often do clients say, “Hey, guess what, I’m just going to sit back. Can you give me your presentation for the next 45 minutes?” Also, do you believe that an efficient presentation is everything? What if you turn that thinking around to something more in terms of an effective conversation is everything? What changes for you?


Focus on winning the client and earning their listing


Here’s an idea. Instead of focusing on winning the listing, focus instead on winning the client and earning their listing.

An obvious way to achieve this comes through the quality and depth of connection that you can attain. This includes the quality of the questions you ask and the quality of your listening that can then power up the asking of more relevant, impactful questions — questions that help you and your client gain as much objective clarity as possible, together as working partners.


Get their agenda items first


A great place to start this process is to simply ask your client, “What would you like to get out of our conversation today?” followed by, “What else?

Once you have those agenda items, you can then move to, “Can I share with you what I’d like to get out of our conversation today?” This then puts the focus on the process of properly engaging and connecting.


Create a comfortable environment and unrushed presence


Give yourself enough time to share a warm, safe conversational environment and a genuine, unrushed presence that allows your clients to express themselves as much as possible.

This can be a big help in building trust and connection and has the potential to enhance your chances of earning their listing. 


So, let go of attachment to outcome, resist the urge to talk and tell that may end up almost commoditizing yourself, turn the conversation around, ask better questions, listen well and look to make a real conversational impact.

Aim to build better connection, better engagement and, most importantly, a better experience for your clients. Win the client and earn their listing. 

Hope this helps add value to your toolkit!


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