Marketing Apartments with Austin Joynes of Rhapsody

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Today’s episode is part of the Canadian Apartment Investment Conference series, run by the Canadian Real Estate Forums. Austin Joynes, Vice President of Marketing and Training at Rhapsody, joins Aaron and Adam to discuss the nuances of perfecting the lease-up of apartment buidings.

You may think that with such demand for apartments, marketing them would not be necessary. Austin informs us why this train of thought is so wrong and the importance of have a marketing plan before breaking ground. We also hear about the COVID-19 pandemic’s effect on landlords and tenants of apartments.

Topics covered include:

  • Deciding who you want to rent to before you start building.
  • Why it is important to have a marketing strategy despite low vacancy rates.
  • Making sure that amenities packages are flexible over time.
  • The concept of loyalty towards apartments.
  • Looking to the USA for trends.
  • Getting involved with marketing early.
  • Odd amenities enjoyed by different age groups.
  • Preferred amenities in Vancouver versus Calgary.
  • How the Alberta apartment market has been since the oil boom ended.
  • How landlords are dealing with COVID-19 and shifting values of tenants.
  • The type of apartment Austin would build if he was limited to one type.

More about our guest….

With almost 15 years’ experience leading vertically integrated real estate services for leading edge organizations, Austin specializes in the purpose-built rental / build-to-rent sector with expertise in operations, marketing, leasing, design and customer experience for existing and new build apartment communities. He is focused on designing, launching and leasing new developments in major markets across Canada.

Austin works with institutional and private organizations to craft and align investment, product, operating and marketing strategies that drive continuous asset performance to the highest level over the long term. He has developed an expert understanding of marketing and operating best practices, renter purchasing behavior, and how market and legislative conditions impact the purpose-built rental / build-to-rent industry in Canada.

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