Fancy having a house that feels like it’s away from everything, but close enough to a good sized city to be able to commute to work, or go in for supplies when you need them? If you do, it might be a good idea to look at a home for sale in Diamond Harbour, which is around one hour’s drive from the centre of Christchurch City, but a vibrant and growing community in its own right.

Close to Governor’s Bay, you can access this area by car or take the regular ferry to Lyttleton and commute from there under the tunnel. Diamond Harbour was named for the pretty glittery way the light catches the waves, and many of the houses in the area have been built so the owners can enjoy looking at that view every day, either out of their own windows or via a short walk.

The community is close knit and friendly and it’s a great place to bring up children, with a friendly local school a strong linchpin of the area. Once children reach secondary school, you will most likely need to enrol them at school in Christchurch, there are regular school buses and of course other families to help ferry your children to and from school.

There is a mix of new and old buildings in the area, so if you are looking for a home for sale in Diamond Harbour, you’ll need to think about whether you want an older or new home. There are advantages to both, so it comes down to both your personal taste, and your budget. The sections are often a little bigger than they are closer to the city centre, which is a real advantage if you like your privacy and enjoy being out in the garden.

While there is no supermarket in the town itself (though it’s an easy drive or ferry ride to get supplies weekly if you need them, there are shops and cafes to keep you going from day to day, along with a range of services you would expect in a small town. If you are planning to live where people can get to know each other, that is safe and removed from the stress of a city, then looking for a home for sale in Diamond Harbour is a good choice.

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