If you are planning on selling your home yourself, or just want to know the places to list your house online, then it only makes sense to follow the trends. If you list your house on 100 websites, but none of them get a lot of exposure or traffic, then your odds of actually selling your house is low. On the other hand, if you choose the websites wisely, then listing your house on only a few of them can prove to be very effective. Here is a look at some of the websites that get the most visitors as well as the websites that Realtors use themselves.

1. Realtor.com. Realtor.com is considered by many to the best or the best, and for good reason. Realtor.com is known for having millions of listings that buyers can browse through, from regions across the entire country. The home span all 50 states, thousands of cities and towns, and represent more than 800 MLS’s. In a recent survey Realtor.com was the top choice of Realtors in regards to the most effective websites to list properties on. Additionally, it is consistently the real estate website that receives the most visitors every month. For example, in January of 2010, Realtor.com captured 6.73% of the US Market Share for total website visits. The next closest real estate website had only 3.73% (Yahoo! Real Estate) of the US Market Share for total website visits. If you are only going to list your house on one website, then Realtor.com should definitely be considered the front runner.

2. Craigslist. It seems like Craigslist has listings for everything these days, and listing homes for sale is no exception. Craigslist was the second most popular website among Realtors, a recent survey reported. Craigslist can provide a number of advantages over websites that are specifically designed for home listings. The first is that everyone knows about Craigslist, so it attracts a lot of people. The second advantage is that Craigslist allows listings to specifically target a certain region, or even a certain part of town. This means that only people considering making a purchase in that specific geographic area will see your listings. Finally, Craigslist can get your house seen by a lot of people, who may not have considered purchasing a home. It is highly used by people searching for rental properties, and may discover that purchasing your home is a better option than renting somewhere else.

3. Yahoo! Real Estate. After Realtor.com, Yahoo! Real Estate gets more traffic than any other US real estate website. In fact, after Yahoo! Real Estate there is a big drop off. Yahoo! is well-known for providing various listings, including job listings, rental listings, product listings, and of course real estate listings. Leveraging Yahoo!’s popularity as a research resource will get your home in front of thousands of people.

If you plan on using the internet when listing your home for sell, then Realtor.com, Craigslist, and Yahoo! Real Estate is definitely what you want to use first. Realtors consistently report them as being the most effective, and they all capture a giant share of US Market Share Visits on a monthly basis. This means that these 3 websites will ensure maximum online exposure for your listing.

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