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LendingPad is a mortgage loan origination system (LOS) that enables mortgage companies to manage and streamline the loan origination process, as well as drastically improve customer experiences. LendingPad offers specific editions for lenders, brokers, banks, credit unions and other institutions, aiming to improve real-time collaboration on tasks that, ultimately, reduce costs.

LendingPad, which is cloud-based, offers numerous features that include the following:

  • Customer relationship management (CRM) tool
  • Document archiving
  • Compliance check
  • Custom workflows
  • Real-time updates
  • Loan tracking
  • Service level agreements
  • Lead and campaign management

LendingPad also allows mortgage brokers the ability to initiate home loan processes from anywhere in the world, as well as add unlimited numbers of branches and users to improve flow and manage leads.

Not only that, but LendingPad allows bankers to manage warehousing activities, perform post-closing audits, track loan inventory, and handle secondary tasks with investors. LendingPad’s centralized portal gives institutions a dashboard to monitor multi-user application processing and omnichannel pipelines. LendingPad also integrates with several third-party applications, which further enables businesses to facilitate home loan processes. Here are those as they feature on their website:

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