The main factor when you want to sell your house is the price that you want for it. Now if you are with a partner and you want to sell your house, then it is best if you both sit down and try to understand how things work. That way, you can check out the market value of the property that you are selling and just about the right price that you have to give to it to be able to compete well in the market.

Majority of the units that are for sale which come with high prices actually lose their attractiveness in the market after a month and what happens is that the seller spends most of the time making sure that the price is just right for someone to buy.

The huge amount of interested people in the house is seen when it finally reaches the market. Let us have Joe’s house as an example. He has this condominium and it is in Bucktown. He wants to sell it. Many buyers are now studying the house itself. And there are also the agents who are waiting for the condominium with three bedrooms and two baths to be available.

When Joe’s reaches the market, new interested agents and buyers are found flocking the marketplace. The expected rate is around $425,000. If Joe fixes a price for the unit that he is selling for, maybe, $500,000, that should be 15% more than the rate that is expected of the real estate. With that, he misses the highest amount of exposure. Doing such has resulted in a few exposures and he just might have no offer at all.

If you are a buyer and are looking a condominium unit that had the same specifics as that of Joe’s, you immediately contact your agent to see this right away. If the time given does not match with your free time, you may ask your agent to make another schedule for the week. Or you can just come to an open house when there is one. If you are serious about buying the unit, you have to made arrangements immediately. If you have not yet made an arrangement, probably you are still thinking that there are still many better prices out there.

Well, you are not alone. Many buyers and agents are also thinking the same thing. Usually, in the real estate market, the view of the buyer is more important than anything else that there is to consider.

It is important to note that the general rule is if after 30 days and no offers yet on the real estate, the price must be lessening by about 5%. If another 30 days have passed, another 10% price adjustment must be made. Data have proven that after 30 days, the importance gets smaller. So when you search homes for sale, you may keep this in mind. To make the long story short, the market value always wins and following the market value is the hardest part.

Source by Carrie Brooks

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