Investment Thesis to Launch with Daniel Marinovic of Forest Gate

Today we’ve got Daniel Marinovic on the show. He is the CEO and Managing Partner of Forest Gate, a newly created private equity, private debt real estate investment firm. David left his very successful career in institutional real estate and traded it in for an investment thesis, raising some capital and launching his own shop. He’ll give us insight on what it’s like starting a new entity in the industry in 2021.

Daniel talks about why he wanted to form Forest Gate and what he envisions for the young company. We hear his thoughts on the moves that have happened from big cities to smaller areas and what the future of working from home will look like.

Topics covered include:

  • The Golden Horseshoe investment thesis.
  • The creation of suburban office strategies.
  • The target IRR that Daniel is aiming for at Forest Gate.
  • Daniel’s vision for deployment and use of debt in his company.
  • Daniel leaving his successful career at DREAM Unlimited to start his own shop.
  • Learning what a K-shaped recovery is and why this influenced Daniel’s decisions.
  • People leaving large cities and the future of working from home.
  • Challenges of starting a company from scratch.
  • The need for real estate to get to the market sooner.
  • Smaller suburbs beginning to come of age.
  • The increased cost of building materials during this year.
  • Forest Gate’s ability to pivot and their current focus on residential units.
  • Growth projections for Forest Gate and Daniel’s desire to have a smaller company.
  • What kind of culture Daniel wants to foster.

More about our guest….

Prior to Forest Gate, Daniel Marinovic served as Chief Development Officer with Dream Unlimited (TSX:DRM) a leading Canadian developer and asset manager with $8 billion in assets under management. Hisresponsibilities spanned all aspects of the organization including finance, development, construction, and operations. Daniel was also Vice-President of Finance with First Gulf, the commercial arm of Great Gulf, one of Canada’s most recognized home building and development organizations. In his career, Daniel has spent 20 years leading high-profile, complex real estate development and investment projects in municipalities across the country. Daniel is on the Board of Directors of Toronto Artscape Foundation and volunteers his time with a number of other industry and non-profit organizations.

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