Intelligent Investing with Shenoor Jadavji of Lotus Capital Corp

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Joining us right after her closing panel at the Western Canada Apartment Investment Conference is Shenoor Jadavji. She is the Founder and President of Lotus Capital Corp, and it’s her second appearance on the podcast.

Lotus is a relatively small organization, and that’s how Shenoor likes it. She tells us the advantages that this provides before getting into how Lotus is thinking about ESG these days. We also hear about the supply side issues of housing in Vancouver.

Topics covered include:

  • How Shenoor made her first investment shortly after the 90s real estate crash.
  • The small size of Lotus and why it allows them to be nimble.
  • The culture, brand, and values that Shenoor instills in her organization.
  • What made the beginning of the pandemic particularly difficult for Lotus.
  • Creating environmentally friendly buildings in Vancouver.
  • Strategic relationships that Lotus has formed.
  • Why technology solutions and management teams need to go hand in hand.
  • Holding tenants to a higher standard.
  • Why diversity gives better results in real estate.
  • Using phone calls instead of messages to build relationships.
  • A shift that Shenoor thinks is coming up in real estate.
  • Being disciplined in a rising interest rate environment.
  • The different way that the Vancouver market behaves compared to other cities.
  • Why government cooperation is needed to improve housing supply.
  • The reason why Shenoor says wages are so important.

More about our guest….

Founder of Lotus Capital, Shenoor is responsible for the strategic direction of the firm including capital
sourcing and structuring value aligned joint venture investments. She brings over 30 years of experience
in real estate transactions totaling more than $3 billion across all real estate classes in major and
secondary Canadian markets, as well as select US markets. Since 2012, Lotus has been involved in the
acquisition, development, reposition and disposition of 6 million square feet of commercial assets.
Outside of her leadership role at Lotus Capital, Shenoor is an active and committed member of the
community and has served on numerous Boards. She is currently serving on the advisory for Nexii
Building Solutions inc. and is a trustee on the board of PROREIT serving on its Investment Committee.

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