Industrial Investment with Mike Bonneveld of Skyline Industrial REIT

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Returning for his second guest appearance today is Mike Bonneveld, President of Skyline Industrial REIT. Skyline’s portfolio is all industrial and spread throughout Canada, with particular attention being paid to Alberta as of late.

Mike tells us about some of the deals Skyline has been involved in over the past few years, including a deal that they were completing on the day of recording. We hear about the demand and supply for industrial spaces, why it can be desirable to have a warehouse outside of the city, and what markets Mike is keeping his eye on.

Topics covered include:

  • What the portfolio of Skyline looks like today, aside from being 100% industrial.
  • Demand for small bay industrial in the past two years.
  • Properties that Skyline has sold recently.
  • Why rental increases are easier to execute in the industrial space versus residential.
  • Deals that would have worked twelve months ago but now don’t.
  • How much industrial rents have increased across different cities.
  • Moving warehouses outside of city centres and the benefits that can result.
  • What deals Skyline has in the pipeline, plus recent closures.
  • Can the demand keep up with the supply that’s coming online?
  • Why companies now need more space for inventory.
  • The potential use of drones making deliveries from industrial warehouses.
  • What the rest of the year looks like for Skyline.
  • Reasons why Mike is particularly interested in Calgary, Halifax, and Moncton.
  • The Clean Energy Fund at Skyline.
  • Different implementations to make industrial buildings more efficient.

More about our guest…

Mike Bonneveld leads Skyline Industrial REIT and is responsible for its strategic growth and performance. Previous to his current role, Mike led Skyline Group of Companies’ Acquisitions team and was responsible for sourcing all new acquisitions, dispositions, property due diligence, and closing investment transactions for Skyline Apartment REIT, Skyline Industrial REIT, Skyline Retail REIT, and SkyDev. Mike joined Skyline in 2009 and has 28+ years of Canadian Real Estate experience. He has worked with several Canadian investment banks in the field of real estate corporate finance and property brokerage, as well as acquisitions for a public real estate company and valuations and consulting work for an international real estate services firm. He is focused on the continued growth and expansion of Skyline’s industrial real estate investment portfolio through sourcing and facilitating quality acquisitions, creating and maintaining several Canadian industrial development partnerships, and monitoring asset and portfolio performance to ensure maximum, long-term value for unitholders. Mike holds an Honours BA in Urban Development from the University of Western Ontario. Mike also sits on the Board of Trustees for Inovalis REIT and is Chair of its Investment Committee.

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