Impact Investing with Tsering Yangki of Dream Unlimited

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At the 2022 Land & Development Conference, Aaron and Adam are speaking with Tsering Yangki. She is Head of Real Estate Finance & Development, Dream Unlimited. After moving to Canada as a refugee whose parents are from Tibet, Tsering realized she wanted to be a part of the decision people make to buy their first home.

Dream Unlimited is a true leader in ESG, so that’s what we’re focusing on during this conversation. Tsering talks about Dream’s strict commitment to get to net zero emissions, along with struggles that the real estate industry has in adopting ESG.

Topics covered include:

  • Increasing demand for “healthy buildings.”
  • Creating a trickle-up effect from residents to investors.
  • The ecosystem that has been created at Dream Unlimited.
  • Why government incentives aren’t enough to motivate environmental targets.
  • A big project that Tsering is working on.
  • Dream’s commitment to get to net zero emissions.
  • Getting more reception from investors as they mature in understanding ESG.
  • Not compromising on market returns.
  • The winding path that led Tsering to where she is today.
  • Creating affordable housing with decarbonization in mind.
  • Dream’s investments overseas and what can be learned from them.
  • How to get smaller investors on board with environmentalism.
  • The growth of impact investing at Dream that Tsering has witnessed.

More about our guest….

Head of Real Estate Finance and, Development

Dream Unlimited Corp., Dream Impact Trust & Dream Office REIT

With over 17 years of experience in the real estate industry, Tsering has worked with developers in the private and public markets. She has partnered with private, public, governmental, and non-governmental stakeholders to successfully develop and implement business, capital and risk management strategies, and designed innovative economic instruments. Recently, she was recognized by Globe & Mail’s Report on Business as 2022’s 50 Best Executives.

In her current role as Head of Real Estate Finance & Development, Tsering leads the Development and Real Estate Finance group for three of Dream’s public entities spanning a diverse asset portfolio ranging from condominium units, purpose built rental, office, retail, and income-producing properties across Canada and the US. In addition, she is part of the Executive Management Team of Dream Impact Trust, Canada’s first public impact investing vehicle.

Tsering & her team is responsible for leading the strategy of each entity’s development & debt solutions. She manages over $8 billion of existing debt while overseeing its risk management and governance. Over the last three years, Tsering has successfully led or co-led approximately $6 billion of complex and innovative debt solutions. She and her team lead & manage Dream’s $7 billion net zero communities under development or in the pipeline.

Tsering views the values of interdependence & interconnectedness to be integral in real estate & the built environment. She believes that real estate/built environment is a key stakeholder to address social determinants of health, social cohesion, food security, climate change & foster fair & inclusive economy.

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