Human Behaviour and Real Estate with David Allison of The Valuegraphics Database

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Founder of The Valuegraphics Database, David Allison, is welcomed in this episode. He is best described as “The Human Behaviour Expert,” and these skills have formed the foundation of his company and what they do.

The data that David and his company has collected is of great interest to anyone involved in real estate. He tells us about the values that Canadians look for when moving into a new space and how these values can be portrayed and communicated to target demographics. He also touches on their specific importance to commercial real estate. Listen to the end where David does an impromptu analysis of what drives Adam. It’s remarkably accurate.

Topics covered include:

  • Our values determining everything that we do.
  • Marketing amenities towards what people care about, not just the amenity.
  • The notion of belonging amongst renters.
  • How these values can affect decisions to rent commercial real estate
  • David’s upcoming presentation at the 2020 Canadian Apartment Investment Conference
  • Breaking renters in Canada up into four groups and how to attract each.
  • Analyzing why certain people are attracted to certain buildings.
  • Fear versus self-interest as a motivator.
  • The Valuegraphics Database and its determination of what everyone cares about.
  • How the database achieves proportional representation.
  • The top group values in Canada and the United States.
  • Values that are common throughout all Canadian renters..
  • The most interesting thing that David has come across in his data.
  • David’s book, We Are All the Same Age Now.
  • David’s impromptu analysis into which group Adam falls into.

More about our guest…

David Allison is a human behavior expert and the pioneer of Values Thinking. His research and advisory services are used in industries as wide-ranging as sportswear, school supplies, luxury goods and hedge funds. He works with global humanitarian foundations like the Environmental Defense Fund and the United Nations.

He is the founder of the Valuegraphics Database, the first statistically accurate global measurement of what everyone on earth cares about, and his research has led him to become an outspoken advocate for the eradication of demographic stereotypes.

He speaks internationally, and his most recent book “We Are All the Same Age Now” was an international marketing #1 best-seller, named one of the top ten Leadership Books of the year by INC magazine, and called “a genuinely original contribution to marketing literature” by Kirkus Reviews.

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