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The ability to build customized reports based on any data points within the system is truly unique to Scarlett’s platform, Schultz said.

The growth and earnings potential offered are “unsurpassed,” according to Axiom president and CEO Joe Fakhri. “It’s all about revenue opportunities: How can I take a previously declined applicant and convert them into a client, or identify a lead within my database and convert them to a client? How can I take an existing client close to maturity and retain them at or prior to renewal?” Fakhri said. 

He added that the platform also allows businesses to understand their pipeline, flow and conversion rate, giving them a clear and holistic picture of what’s going on in their organization. Data can be viewed in an easily digestible form across multiple business streams, which is crucial to most of the leading brokerages that use the platform to manage their work and deal flow.

“Brokerages need a holistic view to manage their process from start to finish,” Fakhri said. “If I have 20 deals that are still pending document collection, I want the ability to see all of those 20 deals right away and understand what is pending versus in-progress and complete. Pipelines are primarily built for these types of processes. You can run multiple processes simultaneously in any organization because they’re mutually exclusive.” 

The ability for mortgage professionals to mine their data on Scarlett and gain a clear picture of current business across the organization clearly reflects the platform’s goal for its users, Schultz and Fakhri said: “They don’t let their business run them; they run their business.”

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