Whether you’re just starting or have been in the seller’s market, this information will be very helpful in locating buyers. Unquestionably the internet is your most effective means of attracting buyers because 75% of all home buyers will shop online BEFORE they ever speak to a Real Estate Agent or Broker.

Bird’s Eye View: Online Real Estate Advertising!

You can advertise for FREE and for a FEE. There are a number of small and medium sized “engines/classifieds” that offer free ads. Most offer “Premium” upgrades, for wider exposure and better presentation. If you want to move you campaign in Hi-Gear, then MLS Flat-Fee is a must. If you’re not in a rush, then use the no cost advertising resources provided here.

Your AD Needs The Right Stuff!

Almost all sellers want the same things… a great price for their home and a quick sale. The online Ads that you will place need the right stuff to attract the buyers you want.

  1. HEADLINE: Browse listings and see the headlines that grab your attention. Use them to write your own headline. PLEASE use catch words like spacious, pool, water-view etc. to set you home apart from others. DON’T use subjective words like great, beautiful, fantastic- they won’t work.
  2. PHOTOS: Normally your ad listing will have a small thumbnail of your home front. I recommend taking the shot on a cloudy day, to avoid sun/shade lighting problems. If you are un or semi-detached, take photo on an angle to show the depth of your land.
  3. PRICE: Agents, brokers and many of these online services will help you price your home. Ask a fair price, and expect people will negotiate about 5%-15% off the price.

The Biggie – http://CRAIGSLIST.ORG

Hopefully they service your area! Craigslist offers free postings of your home, condo, rentals… almost anything. And they get millions of visitors every day. That’s exposure you want.

First setup an account with Craigslist, it makes the posting and re-posting process easier.

After three days, exactly, you can access your ad and delete it. Then you can repost, so it gets a position close to the top and will be seen more. That’s the requirement of Free Advertising on Craigslist; you have to keep reposting to get noticed.

Additional Sites That Offer FREE Real Estate Advertising

Choiceofhome.com, Trulia, Oodle, Google Base, Vast, Yahoo Real Estate, Zillow, Geebo, OLX, Hotpads, DotHomes, Lycos, Cyberhomes/AOL, FrontDoor, owners.com, homesbyowner.com, virtualfsbo.com, flatfeelisting.com, househitz.com, Kijiji.com, Backpage.com

Some of these sites offer paid Upgrade advertising. I suggest you use all the Free site ads first, before investing in paid ads. To find some super Local Classified AD sites, simply Google: Free classified sites for Real Estate, Your-State (or city)

Remember, preparing quality materials like headlines, ad copy and photos are vitally important. Study what is online now and use what you find effective. When home buyers open your ad it must make a good impression, or they will simply click to the next ad.


Source by Michael Pietrafesa

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