Getting Energy Right with Courtney Renaldo of Yardi

Our guest today is Courtney Renaldo, Manager of Presales for Yardi. The discussion in this episode will revolve around the business case for optimizing energy in buildings and managing government requirements. With over 20 years of experience in this industry, she has seen substantial changes.

Courtney explains why real estate plays a pivotal role in making the world a greener place, along with why efficiency improvements result in many positives for building owners. She provides insight on easy changes that buildings are making along with what benchmarking metrics are becoming commonplace.

Topics covered include:

  • Benchmarking for buildings that has become common in the past 10 years.
  • Focusing on efficiency from the ground up.
  • The easiest ways to make a building more efficient.
  • What you must have in place before making any efficiency improvements.
  • Improvements that can be made to older industrial buildings.
  • When it’s time to consider major changes to reduce energy usage.
  • Why making changes to environmental impact starts with real estate.
  • The by-products Courtney has seen from making rental units energy efficient.
  • Energy Star as the most common benchmarking solution.
  • Requirements that are being rolled out by provincial governments.
  • The increasing popularity of green financing.
  • The importance of visibility to encourage reduction of energy use.
  • A key factor in what type of efficiency score your building will achieve.
  • How Yardi makes energy solutions easy for landlords.
  • Making sure your building is working efficiently without sacrificing tenant comfort.
  • The declining amount of people Courtney talks to who don’t know about conservation.

More about our guest…

Courtney has worked in all aspects of the utility industry for more than twenty years, including in billing, client services, sales support, implementation, project management and development. She joined Yardi in 2012 through the acquisition of ista North America Multifamily Services Group, where she had held three senior positions. As director of client services for Yardi Energy, Courtney supervised a team and ran an office of more than 75 employees working in client services, billing operations, implementation, cash management and call center functions. Today her focus is on finding the best products and services for our clients and prospects and on being an industry expert supporting our sales and marketing teams. She holds a B.A. in psychology from San Diego State University.

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