Future Risk Analysis with Brian Sutherland of Yardi

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Today’s episode brings us Brian Sutherland. He is the Industry Principal of Commercial at Yardi and started his own e-commerce company when he was sixteen years old. After getting tired of competing with Amazon, he sold his business and found a new career with Yardi.

Based in Santa Barbara, California, Brian provides us with an American perspective on how the coronavirus is impacting the real estate market. He reveals what he thinks will permanently change in the industry because of the pandemic and later discusses how 5G will influence real estate transactions.

Topics covered include:

  • Levels of risk associated with different tenant types.
  • The re-prioritizing of different risk brought about  by COVID-19.
  • Future risk analysis and the value in identifying issues early.
  • Collection probability on the massive pool of deferred rent held by landlords.
  • How coronavirus rent collections will impact capital expenditures in real estate into the future.
  • How Brian experienced the Amazon effect in the early days of his career.
  • Connecting information to paint a better picture.
  • How the impact on rent has been in the United States.
  • The digital progression that has been forced because of the pandemic.
  • How the adoption of 5G will accelerate real estate.

More about our guest…..

As Industry Principal for commercial real estate, Brian oversees sales, marketing and product strategies for asset management, procurement, coworking and energy solutions. Additionally, Brian coordinates sales enablement and product training for Yardi commercial sales executives and solutions consultants. Before joining Yardi, he spent 15 years as founder and president of several start-up companies.


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