Finding the best foreclosure listings is not difficult. They are widely available online. The best companies provide an extensive array of useful information in addition to all the data you would expect. They also enable advanced search capabilities within their databases to make qualification, sorting, and downloading easy. You may be surprised, but access to the best foreclosure listings is also free.

Sign up for a free trial offer. In most cases, you gain access to all data, all features, and unlimited downloads for about a week. During the trial period, you are free to enjoy the same functionality and capabilities as all regular subscribers. If you later decide to become a regular subscriber, the cost is almost inconsequential compared to value gained.

Flipping homes for a profit is difficult when buying on the open market. You must first find a willing seller and negotiate a price. You may find a few distressed sellers in desperate situations that are willing to consider deep discounts. Otherwise, your profit margin is small and you must justify price increases through judicious and time-consuming improvements. Alternatively, you can lock in profit up front by buying foreclosed properties far below market value, and flip them within weeks for high margin profits.

Finding quality foreclosure prospects can be difficult, unless you have the capability to search thousands of homes quickly, accurately and profitably. The best companies provide an extensive range of data for each property. Their list of pending foreclosures includes all items a diligent bidder needs to evaluate each listing. This information is available from multiple providers. You may participate in as many trial offers as you want, perhaps for months.

Your time is valuable. Do not waste it chasing data on worthless prospects. You can locate all pending sales in your county and all surroundings counties in less than an hour. Compare liens to estimated valuations. Rule out properties involved in legal proceedings. Consider taxes owed, all liens, and comparable sales. Review property condition using database photographs. You could be bidding tomorrow, free of charge.


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